The “practical” purpose of siding on a structure is to be an exterior cladding to provide weather protection for your home and there are many man-made products that can solve that need. But if you are looking for something more than a boring “me-too” look of a man-made exterior for your home, you should consider the esthetic reward of selecting an exterior siding like Western Red Cedar Solid Wood Siding that is natural, beautiful and gives your home an exceptional look.

The exterior finish of a building is the face it presents to the world. It defines the mood and character of the structure and reflects the image desired by its designers, builders or owners. Cedar Solid Wood Siding is one of the most beautiful and desirable exteriors available to today’s homeowner.

Unlike synthetic substitutes that try to imitate the appearance of cedar siding, Cedar Solid Wood Siding is natural, renewable and has the craftsmanship and workability that no man made product can replicate.

The most widely used cedar siding is Western Red Cedar Solid Wood Siding. It provides warmth, unmatched longevity and casual charm for that perfect dream home. Western Red Cedar Solid Wood Siding is available in both clear and knotty grades. The clear siding results in a premium quality appearance that is ideal for prestigious, up-market applications. The clean, classy look of clear siding showcases a prestigious home at the highest level. The more rustic look of knotty siding has a warmth and casual charm that is ideal for cabins, club-houses and homes where a country appearance is desired.

Choosing a siding is largely a matter of personal preference, architectural appearance and environmental harmony. The size, height and design of a home, its setting, the changing designs of light and shade during the course of a day, will all influence the final choice.

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