Eastern White Cedar Shingles are a traditional east coast siding material that is becoming more and more popular across the United States. The reasons for its growing appeal are its proven durability including a 30-year warranty against decay, a natural silver beauty that delivers a classic “Cape Cod” look and if you have a particular color in mind Eastern White Cedar Shingles have the ability to be custom stained to any color of your choice, while still letting the natural grain show. Add in the fact that it has all the other advantages of Western Red cedar including resistance to decay and that it is an environmentally responsible choice then you have a true winner.

One of the most beautiful advantages of Eastern White Cedar Shingles is that it contains no dark tannins like Western Red Cedar or other wood species. This makes Eastern White Cedar Shingles the perfect canvas for any color. And if you choose to have the shingles stained at the factory we can custom match any color and add a 15-year warranty on the finish. Now if your preference is the more traditional look of a weathered silver beauty you can either have the shingles achieve it naturally over a few years or do it in a matter of months with a bleaching oil treatment. In either case the look of your home is up to you, giving you a natural wood texture and the option of selecting either a natural look or the color of your choice.

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Eastern White Cedar Sidewall Products
The shingles are re-squared and re-butted for a natural finish that doesn’t require additional on-site trimming. Available natural, kiln dried or pre-stained.