Frequently Asked Questions About Cedar:


Are cedar shakes, shingles and siding better for the environment?

As a natural product, cedar shakes, shingles and siding has a far lower impact on the environment than other building products such as concrete siding or asphalt roofing. Only wood benefits the environment while it grows, is completely renewable and has a far lower impact on air and water quality.

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Is cedar siding more expensive than lap siding?

Cedar siding pays for itself with increased curb appeal and durability, while initially more expensive than non-renewable options such as fiber-cement siding. Cedar is far more resistant to rot and has been proven a dependable siding for centuries as opposed to the multiple class action lawsuits associated with composite siding products.  Additionally, cedar adds far more value to your home than other more ordinary choices.

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How long does cedar siding last?

Cedar has natural preservatives that are resistant to decay and destructive insects. It has great stability and is resistant to warping. No wonder it was the choice of the Pacific Northwest’s first residents to build their gigantic longhouses. Many of which have withstood centuries of Northwest weather. Properly installed and maintained, cedar siding can provide a stunning exterior for your home for over 50 years.

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What kind of maintenance is needed for cedar?

Even though cedar is very durable, it’s life can be greatly extended with a regular application of a protective coating. Options include clear stains, or if you prefer color applying either a transparent oil stain or a high quality latex paint.

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Can Eastern White Cedar be stained any color I want?

Eastern White Cedar is particularly accommodating to color. Thanks to the TrueMatch Factory Coated Coloring system you can get the durability of cedar factory coated in a rainbow of color options with Cabot stain.

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Is cedar a fire hazard?

With changes in building codes cedar shakes and shingles must pass more rigorous fire tests than composite materials (test established for National Building Codes).

For over a decade, pressure-treated, fire-retardant shakes and shingle have helped set the standard in fire resistance.

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How much siding do I need?

Each project is unique so we advise you to call Cedarwood to discuss your project. Please call us at 800-547-8920.

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