Nothing compares to real wood siding.  Whether you choose from Western Red Cedar or Eastern White Cedar both have a classic look of traditional siding but with the durability and low maintenance of the modern high quality engineered siding.

Cedar shakes and shingles are environmentally responsible choice- renewable, recyclable and sustainable for generations.  When compared with man-made siding composed of concrete, plastic or metal which require far more energy to produce.  Western Red and Eastern White Cedar’s unique cellular structure makes it an excellent insulator and it withstands the extreme temperatures and freeze thaw conditions found across the United States.

The natural beauty and architectural versatility of Western Red Cedar shakes and shingles have made this material a choice among great architects and homeowners.

Cedar siding

The benefits of cedar for your home starts with its unmatched natural beauty, but a quick overview of cedar quickly brings forth a number of additional advantages for you and the environment, including:


– As opposed to man-made materials that try to mimic cedar. Cedar can be recycled, regenerated and sustained. Products that use plastic, steel, or cement use up resources that can’t be replaced and take more energy to produce than wood.


– For hundreds of years builders have used cedar on some of the most prestigious homes in America. It is naturally resistant to insects, moisture and decay. It was the structural material of choice by the first residents of the Pacific Northwest. They used it for everything from majestic Native American longhouses to ancient totem poles, many of which have stood up to centuries of weathering.


Cedar siding allows you to choose from a wide variety of styles to create the exact look you want. It is easy to cut, shape and finish. You are not limited to any factory pre-set template. It is easy to work with and can be uniquely tailored.

Versatile Finishes

Cedar siding can handle a number of different finishes to create the look you want. You can stain it to feature the natural wood look or stain it to add color. Cedar allows for unlimited possibilities and completely unique looks.


– Cedar is extremely stable, it lies flat, stays straight and is a great base for many types of stains and paints. Cedar is less likely to swell, twist or warp than other materials. Unlike man-made materials it has never been part of a class action lawsuit regarding material that literally disintegrated, requiring extensive replacement.

Fire Safety

– Cedar can be pre-treated to be fire retardant. National Building Codes accept pressure treated fire retardant cedar and is approved around the country. Even in California, fire retardant products are accepted by most communities.

Wind Resistant

Cedar shingles have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and found to withstand wind speeds of up to 170 MPH.

In Summary cedar has unmatched natural beauty, is environmentally friendly, adds to the curb appeal, is naturally resistant to insects and decay, has hundreds of years of proven performance and is available in a wide spectrum of color and designs.